We had the honor to be in the December issue of Curve Magazine!  So great to get such exposure and inspire future barbers on gender neutral ways and providing a welcoming space for all. The story was in print but here is a repost from DAPPER Q.  Enjoy !!


About: Hairrari Barber Salon was founded by Magda Ryczko, a queer immigrant woman from Poland, who has personally trained most of the Hairrari staff. Hairrari specializes in queer cuts curates a welcoming, relaxing, and fun experience for all genders and gender presentations. Owner Magda Rydzko states, “It feels good to create a space where everyone is treated as a unique canvas and we try to accommodate the best we can. Our clientele is very mixed and anyone that comes in knows that everyone and anyone are welcome.”  Many of Hairrari’s staff members and artists are part of the LGBTQ+ communities and their personal experiences help separate Hairrari from mainstream, hyper-masculine barber shops. Some of Hairrari’s celebrity clientele includes Kiyomi McCloskey of Hunter Valentine and Camille Perri, author of The Assistants, among other high profile LGBTQ community members.

CB’s East Village Experience:

The vibe was East Village chic, yet welcoming. Upon entering, Magda immediately offered me a choice of a cocktail, beer, or water. After getting settled in, Magda began my consultation. Unlike traditional “men’s” barbers, Magda understood the aesthetic I was trying to achieve, but without judgement. I was anxious not to lose the length of my top bun, and it was an absolute must that my side shave be even, high, and TIGHT. I was in good hands. For the consultation, Magda recommends, “Bring photos! It’s the fastest and most thorough way to explain what you’re looking for.”

Check out the rest of the article at link!

Queer Cuts: The East Village’s Hairrari Barber Salon